• interiors: residential, hospitality and contract

    Luxurious Sensuede transforms furniture and wall surfaces-from residential upholstery to high-end hotels and restaurants, from corporate offices to aviation and yacht interiors.  Sensuede is child-friendly, pet-friendly, easy to clean and and easier to love. 

  • visual merchandising - fixtures and displays

    Top brands know the value of luxury that Sensuede adds to retail displays, fixtures and interiors.  The spectrum of 200+ colors and textures will satisfy any design aesthetic.

  • technical Accessories

    Sensuede is the high-touch app for the high-tech world.  This versatile fabric is used in electronic accessories and as integral components, the choice of some of the most innovative product designers in the industry.  Sensuede serves as travel cases for digital devices and cameras, readers, tablets and much more.

  • crafts

    Crafters gravitate to Sensuede because it adds suede-like texture while being much easier to use in creating bags and totes, apparel, hats, pillows, travel accessories, book covers, stuffed dolls and toys.


  • fashion: apparel and accessories

    Talented designers appreciate the special qualities of original Sensuede and lighter, swingy Silky Sensuede: the sumptuous sueded texture, extraordinary color palette and the ease of manufacturing garments and accessories that leave a lasting impression.