Sensuede - Color

The Sensuede family product palette of 200+ colors is noted for rich, saturated hues, such as Seaglass, Bluestone, Flamingo and Fire.Custom colors are available for large projects. Why are Sensuede colors so intense? Sensuede is made with more fiber and more fiber produces more depth of color.

Each fabric in the Sensuede family of products, Sensuede, Flannelsuede, Striesuede and Silky Sensuede-has its own distinctive color range. Designers can realize any color vision with these new neutrals, sophisticated mid-range hues, opulent jewel tones and saturated darks.

  • Experience the Sensuede color palette with Color Explorer.
  • Please note that screen limitations may not accurately display the textures and exact color of Sensuede. To experience Sensuede, please contact us.